Paschim Kshetra-Why MPPKVVCL

MPPKVVCL is one of the three electricity distribution companies of Madhya Pradesh. We are playing a key role in electricity distribution and aims to emerge as one of the most admired company offering affordable quality and uninterrupted services to our customers. We have the most significant presence in Madhya Pradesh.

When it comes at MPPKVVCL, the career options are ample. For new recruits joining MPPKVVCL, the company provides challenging career and exponential growth. We believe that any investment in our new recruits and their potential is the largest investment we can make. Thus we are in search of talents constantly that can perform with determination and excellence.

MPPKVVCL is among the fast growing organizations with endless opportunities, and well accepted by its customers. We offer very exciting opportunities that enable a wide platform for our employees to explore their potential. Here different vertical's strategies and opportunities woven together and every employee have their own part to collaborate and contribute in this grant weave.

We unleash the full potential and talent of our employee with the help of aspect like:-

  • freedom at work
  • unmatched exposure and leadership
  • opportunity to outrun at rapid pace

Ultimately at MPPKVVCL you work with, you don't work under. Here you will find very smooth induction and cooperative environment to keep the enthusiasm to perform alive because we know one needs to love and enjoy what he is doing.

We asses managerial, potential and functional competence in a transparent manner to accomplish overall mission and vision of the organization by linking company's objective with individuals performance. Various development training programs are conducted to enhance and empower technical, managerial and behavioral skills of our new employees and ensure very smooth professional journey of them. These programs make them to learn and think out of the box.

We acquire right talents, provide them –

  • Motivating working environment
  • Empower them to decide and act
  • Provide growth & learning opportunities
  • Encourage risk taking
  • Increase employees productivity
  • Align employee's work with organization's vision & goal
  • Richer career development programs
  • Strong team culture

Speed and growth is the only way of life at MPPKVVCL. We have wide range of career opportunities which not only meet people's passion and professional needs but fulfill their aspiration. Here you will find so much to achieve and explore. So, if you are seeking for fulfilling career and you have passion for creating the benchmarks...apply in MPPKVVCL.

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